• Captain Boffin

    Captain Boffin

    Captain Boffin and his brother run a charter ship to Fenwick isle when the Pixie Meet rolls around.
  • Grigory Broadbelt

    Grigory Broadbelt

    One of the smallest halflings you've ever seen, his slightly slovenly appearance seems to come from a series of massive hangovers.
  • Joe


    Joe is muscular. He has muscles on his muscles, his eyeballs, and his moustache. Otherwise, he is a garden variety gnome.
  • Laurothmamorgo


    A downright skinny, enormously tall girl who appears to have had all of the fat baked off of her in the sun, from what little skin you can see.
  • Poppin Lockleer

    Poppin Lockleer

    Poppin is a brunette dwarf adorned with brightly colored ribbons in very intricate patterns all over her beard and hair. They are only slightly less intricate than the braids.
  • Smiley


    A silent half-Orc fighter, cheap and willing to work.