Captain Boffin

Captain Boffin and his brother run a charter ship to Fenwick isle when the Pixie Meet rolls around.


He is as swarthy as gnomes can be, with salt in his beard, and various jewelry crowned with an elegant nose stud. He wields 2 cutlasses, and is incredibly upset that he wasn’t able to at least fight the Octopus before it ruined his ship by dousing it in ink. He just can’t believe that anyone will take Boffin Black-ship as a threatening title. And Boffin Blackeyes seems even worse!

Lvl 3 Fighter (Pirate).
Cutlass, leather armor- cunningly concealed beneath his great coat.

Boffin is in fact a Privateer, commissioned by the town of Fizzbonk to protect its shipping and prey on enemies of gnome-kind. He desperately wishes he had been born a gnome-titan, and will immediately groin stomp any captives he takes. He may ask questions later, buthonestly is a bit more concerned with looking like he’s doing his job than effectively doing it.


Captain Boffin

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