Grigory Broadbelt

One of the smallest halflings you've ever seen, his slightly slovenly appearance seems to come from a series of massive hangovers.


Grigory looks like he has been on a weeklong bender, and has. He will drink until the drink is gone, usually about 3-8 days after leaving civilization. If exposed to the possibility of drink, he will most likely try it, or try to brew his own. He is a capable healer, although he insists that his healing doesn’t stick unless it is washed down with holy spirits on both ends. That is, he needs to do a mug of ale with his patient. In combat, he wields his warhammer with much enthusiasm, and serves as a relatively sturdy road block with his medium shield.


Grigory is on a quest for the perfect ale, something so dark it sucks the light from the room, so thick it stands on its own, and needs to be cut with a knife to be imbibed.

In the meantime, he is searching in the last known location- the bottom of a bottle he drank after being drunk for two weeks.

Grigory Broadbelt

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