Joe is muscular. He has muscles on his muscles, his eyeballs, and his moustache. Otherwise, he is a garden variety gnome.


Joe is a gnome possessed of a need for combat. He will seek it out wherever he can find it, and is out to prove he is the toughest thing in the world. He will spend most evenings carving the names of whatever the strongest thing he most recently killed is, and swearing viciously at it, about it, and to it. He is clad in little more than a leather loin cloth (to prevent tearing) and sparse body hair. He seems happier the more damage his body takes, and will frequently get tattoos of his latest conquests, ‘clever’ insults, and various not so clever epithets.

He is without a doubt, the quickest and strongest thing you’ve ever seen.


Joe works because Gnome Titans were not warlike enough for him. That’s right, the militant wing of the gnomes, who are in a state of perpetual warfare with at least one faction, didn’t fight enough for him.


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