A silent half-Orc fighter, cheap and willing to work.


Smiley, or two-smiles (although he’ll whack you good for that one) is so named because he survived a thief slicing his throat open from behind and has a nasty scar all the way across his throat. He is big, burly, and covered in (slightly) less impressive scars on his pale green skin.


Smiley wants to kill things. Ideally, things that need killing. He’ll stick to adventuring groups as long as he is well rewarded and allowed to kill things. He is not a peacetime companion, and if loot is not on the table, or in the near future, say a week or so, he’ll look for someone more likely to lead him to loot. Without a voice, he has no hopes for glory- just to live safely and peacefully as well as he can, once he makes a killing by killing. He cannot of course, tell anyone this- but if you buy him a round, he will sigh mournfully, and draw a crude house on the table- possibly including what he thinks is a well drawn pile of money (it’s not).


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