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Passage to Pixie Meet
It begins

This session saw the creation and baptism by fire of Michael’s first true character, Randolph ‘Fumblestaff’ Pastorsson. He was engaged in escorting Melissa’s primary character and a protege to the Pixiemeet on Fenwick Isle. They encountered, and fell for, a dastardly trap set by some bloodthirsty Grel. Through an epic 10 round combat, one of the Grel was slain and the other driven off. Willow was knocked unconscious in the first round by an arrow, and the rest of the fight the Grel were chasing faerie phantoms, blinded, or seared by the disturbing amount of AOE dmg this trio of mages is able to put out.

The next day, there was a rustling in the bushes- one that sounded suspiciously familiar. Willow went to check it out, and was totally unfazed by the rancid stink of an Ox that had wandered through a salt marsh. Thankfully, the party saw reason and did not kill the beast, though neither did they try to return it to its owners or return it to society- in typical CG fashion, they let it live but did not attempt to impose their will or worldview upon it.

Post combat, they were able to make it safely to the inn, where Randolph devoured an entire tuna in one sitting- even though it was stuffed with puffers! He may have single-handedly started the sport of competitive eating in Fizzbonk. Certainly the Rusted Anchor will be talking about the bottomless Elf for months.

Through a clever use of incredibly distracting spells, a judicious application of Grease, and a Disabled Hand (tentacle) they were able to free their ship from a giant octopus and make it to Fenwick. without incident.

They are desperately in need of fighters though- once the meet is over, it may be time to hire some lunkheads. 3 Magic-Users just don’t provide enough sustained damage!

The loot was few, the exp-fairly high, and the combat- instructive. I could feel the rust being stripped from my gears as the old skills started turning. Before the session, I found one of the old maps from the days of Jav, Kopf, Andy and Tommy- when I was at my prime, and one of the 10 best Hack players in the country. It is great to use a skill you’ve mastered again. Special thanks to our dedicated baby-sitter Linsey, without whom Rhys’s young heart would have been crushed!


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