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  • Smiley

    Smiley wants to kill things. Ideally, things that need killing. He'll stick to adventuring groups as long as he is well rewarded and allowed to kill things. He is not a peacetime companion, and if loot is not on the table, or in the near future, say a …

  • Laurothmamorgo

    Laurothmamorgo, or Laura, as she much prefers to be called, is trying to help people. A group of adventurers saved her from a slave caravan when she was very young, and one of them took her in and raised her as his own. Laura is trying to pass on the …

  • Joe

    Joe works because Gnome Titans were not warlike enough for him. That's right, the militant wing of the gnomes, who are in a state of perpetual warfare with at least one faction, didn't fight enough for him.

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